Four Persons Standing 

1999, single-channel video projection, black & white, amplifier and 4 speakers, 60 min loop

‘Four Persons Standing' is based on an appropriated image, which I altered slightly. It is one of a few works that I made that has sound. The monotonous sound comes from two seconds that I took from a 1980s television series, facilitating a transition between two scenes, with no particular dramatic outcome. I limited movement to the nervous grain of a still from a video. Therefore the projected picture is just a still, and the sound is also a still. But at any moment, the characters - two men and two women - could interrupt the composition and move on with their lives. The picture's elements are dynamically imprisoned in their own composedness. They are on the brink of action, yet they never do; but then again, they could. I tried to make a found picture - lost in a book - act like a photograph.

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