The Algiers' Sections of a Happy Moment installed at Project Arts Centre Dublin 2015 (photo Ros Kavanagh)

The Algiers' Sections of a Happy Moment

2008, single channel video projection, black & white, stereo audio, 37 min loop

"The Algiers’ Sections of a Happy Moment" is set in a small soccer field on a roof of the casbah of Algier, with a view over the labyrinth of houses facing the Mediterranean Sea.
Young Maghrebians surrounded by a group of elderly pause their soccer game as one of the players feeds a group of eager seagulls.
The succession of images of this ‘happy' moment reflects a lifelong project to open up what I term as 'the suspicious gaze'; this work investigates a recent fixation against a particular group of people. At the core of my artistic practice is the passage of time as a tool for relaxation of that suspicious gaze, and in general an attempt to reconsider what we see.
For this piece more than 50,000 photographs have been captured and after a lengthy selection process, 600 projected photos were carefully composed to create this continuous moment in time. 

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