Piano Player 

2002, single-channel video projection, colour, Dolby surround sound, 7 min

This short film looks like a fragment from a longer one. Returning home, a woman runs through the streets in pouring rain. Once home, the door slams, the sound of the rain fades away and the spectator begins to hear soft film music in the corridor, played on a piano. As the camera follows the woman climbing up the stairs, the music becomes more concrete, and finally turns out to be part of the story. It seems to come from an open room, and when the woman enters this room, she discovers a girl studying alone on a grand piano.
As soon as they are together in the room, the spectator feels the enveloping, soft surround sound of a symphonic orchestra that seems to accompany the young girl and at the same time loosens itself from the film through the spatiality of the sound.
Disconcerted, the woman descends the stairs, slams the door and finds herself in the driving rain again, whereupon she disappears into the dark.
In Piano Player allegories of the ordinary and the peculiar are displayed to each other in a formal way (surround-sound music) as well as from a narrative point of view (rain as a metaphor for daily drudge and haste, music as an escape from the same daily life), in an attempt to coexist. 

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