2011, Laserchrome transparency mounted on opal matt Diasec in aluminium lightbox, 302,0 x 155,0 x 18 cm

This lightbox is similar of the series from the late 1990s and early 2000 (Nocturnal Landscapes 1999, Venice Lightboxes 2000 and Nightscape Lightboxes 2002-2003). As a spectator you enter into a completely darkened room and you will gradually see an object hanging on the wall, the lightbox. As your retina adapts to the dark surroundings you will see a conductor of an orchestra from the side. The light emerging from the scene is very dim. The first thing you notice is that the conductor is looking at you. The orchestra is not seen in the image, because it’s been cut out from the camera’s angle. As your eyes adapt more and more you start noticing that nobody in the audience is actually listening, but that they are all looking at you, in such a way that you, the spectator, feel like an intruder in the performance. 

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